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We are NY property tax reduction experts. With experience in property assessment since 1979, we have both the knowledge and the drive to fight to get you the largest property tax reduction possible. Call us today for a free, no-risk consultation.

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    NY Property Tax Grievance Dates

    If you miss the deadline, you may pay more than your fair share for another year!

    Appeal your property tax assessment and WIN!

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    • Ardsley Avenue West
    • Haverstraw - Country Club Lane
    • Silver Spring Road
    • Hearthstone Circle
    • Cooper Road
    • Star Farm Road
    • Lawrence Farms Crossway
    • Matthiessen Park
    • Moseman Avenue
    • Fieldstone Drive
    • Matthiessen Park
    • Carolyn Place
    • Garden Road
    • Walden Lane
    • Algonquin Drive
    • Long Meadow Rd
    • Chester - Ralphie Lane
    • Overlook Drive
    • Quaker Ridge Road
    • Forest Avenue

    STAR Property Tax Savings Program

    The School Tax Relief (STAR) Program offers property tax relief to eligible NYS homeowners.

    Granite Real Estate Tax Consultants ROCK!

    • Our track record on properties that are truly over-assessed is 100%!

    • Managing Director David Ruzow has 40+ years of real estate experience in Westchester and the Greater Hudson Valley!

    • We research each case to determine if there REALLY IS A CASE!

    • If you DO HAVE A CASE, we are an excellent advocate to grieve your tax assessment!

    RARs – Residential Assessment Ratios

    Find the Residential Assessment Ratio (RAR) for your municipality.

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