A few words from David Ruzow

Our tag line from the beginning has been Trust, Knowledge, Experience.

Many tax grievance companies will sign anyone up that is breathing. We do not do that. We do not want to give everyone who calls a false sense that we can get everyone’s assessment lowered.

The reason is very simple. Because if you are not over assessed, we cannot get you a reduction in your assessment. We get the fact that your taxes are high, but the high taxes does not mean that you are over assessed. If you live in the New York and Greater Hudson Valley area, your taxes are among the highest in the nation.

If you are lured or enticed by companies that say they can get your assessment lowered even if the evidence points in a contrary fashion, my suggestion is to run as fast as you can.

If I can help you get your assessment lowered, I will fight tooth and nail to get you the best possible reduction in your assessment. If I cannot, I will tell you up front.

We actually turn down many more people that call our office to asking us to represent them, because if you are properly assessed, and a company takes you on as a client, all that company does is clog up the system with baseless cases.

We are successful because as a team, we know value, and we know how to analyze that value, and communicate our findings to the assessors, the boards of assessment review, and the judges in the court system.

David A. Ruzow, Managing Director
David A. Ruzow, Managing Director
I have been involved in the Real Estate industry since 1979. This knowledge of real estate values throughout the greater Hudson Valley has enabled me to assemble a team of experts who have the ability to look at a property, analyze that property, and provide me with the tools necessary to challenge assessments established by assessors throughout the Greater Hudson Valley.

As a real estate tax consultant, I have successfully helped thousands of property owners lower their assessments / taxes throughout the years.

It has been my experience as a real estate appraiser, a real estate broker, and a former New York State hearing officer for the Small Claims Assessment Review appeal round of the tax grievance property, that has enabled me to get our clients the best possible reduction of their assessment.

My team will take the time to review each property for our clients. We know that your taxes are one of your biggest expenses, and if we can assist you in lowering your assessment/taxes, we know that it is a real bread and butter issue for you, and as important as it is to you, it is to us.

I along with a member of my team are happy to talk with any property owner that thinks they are over assessed.

About Granite Real Estate Tax Consultants

​We only offer our property tax reduction services to homeowners who we believe are over-assessed. If we don’t think you have a case, then we won’t waste your time. We work on a contingency basis; if your assessment is not reduced, then you owe us nothingGranite Real Estate Tax Consultants was created so that our many years of real estate knowledge could be put to use assisting homeowners in establishing fair property assessments. We knew that our years of working with appraisers and assessors to arrive at fair and equitable assessments could greatly help the homeowners in our area. We have successfully helped hundreds of property owners get their assessments reduced. We are successful because we know value, and we know how to analyze that value, and communicate our findings to the assessors, the boards of assessment review, and the Small Claims Assessment Hearing Officers.