Are My Town Property Taxes Too High?

Property taxes are based on the market value of your home. Sometimes local property tax assessors overestimate that value which means that you pay more than your fair share in real estate taxes!

What does the property tax assessor for my Putnam County municipality think my house is worth?

If you think your local Putnam County, NY property tax assessor has overestimated the value of your property, you should appeal your property tax assessment!

You have only one chance each year to appeal your property tax assessment. If you don’t file your property tax grievance by the deadline, you’ll be paying too much in property taxes for another year!

When Can I Appeal My Property Tax?

All Putnam County municipalities have a set deadline to submit property tax grievances; Grievance Day:

  • May 28, 2024 most Putnam County towns & cities

Putnam County Property Tax Reduction

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STAR Property Tax Relief

The School Tax Relief (STAR) program offers property tax relief to eligible New York State homeowners.

Recent Successful Property Tax Appeals in Putnam County, NY

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  • Southeast - Austin Hill Rd
  • Southeast - Blackberry Drive
  • Southeast - East Hollow Road
  • Southeast - Seven Oaks Lane
  • Southeast - Shady Lane

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